Sunday, August 19, 2012

{ Oklahoma, meet Highland dance! }

Exciting news! I'm finally starting up a dance school!

Check out the Ladymon School of Scottish Dance Facebook page here, and "like" us while you're at it!

Oh, and spread the word, too. I need as many people to sign up by the beginning of September as possible. Classes are in OKC at the NW Optimist Center and my prices are pretty cheap. Ages 4 to 99 are welcome! :)

Scottish Highland dance is one of the most gratifying art forms/sports available. Personally, it helped me overcome severe shyness and asthma - two problems that plagued my childhood. It also increased my strength, endurance, flexibility, spatial awareness, and coordination beyond what I thought possible, all while giving me a love of my heritage and a respect for culture and traditions. Through dance I also got to travel all over the US and become friends with some of the most unique and kind people imaginable.

Highland dance prepared me for life. It taught me valuable lessons and expanded my horizons mentally, emotionally, and physically. I relate story after story of how dance helped me in other facets of life - and I want to pass that on.

Help me re-establish Highland dance in Oklahoma. Help me have a job that allows me to still be a stay-at-home mom! Help me make a difference in the lives of others. Sign up for dance classes, or at least encourage those around you to do so!

This is back in 2006, I believe. I was a lot bouncier back then :D

In case you missed that link the first time - go like the Ladymon School of Scottish Dance!

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