Sunday, March 28, 2010

Perfume, and lip gloss, and skirts, oh my!

So I'll tell you right now that today's post will be completely different than the rest you've read from me lately! I've been feeling a lot girlier than usual, and I've decided to let it out! That means that this blog is basically pointless, but I like to write what I feel, and today I feel pretty. lol

For starters, Raina came over on Friday and I got to buy an awesome Mary Kay set that comes with all four of their perfumes, a lip gloss, and a connector that puts the lip gloss and a perfume together so it'll be a handy-dandy purse staple! Normally I hate perfume because it's all entirely too fussy smelling to me, but I ADORE every MK scent. All you ladies HAVE to try them (and Raina is the coolest MK rep in the land. Try her out)! That's girly point numero uno for my weekend.

Girly point number two: I dyed my hair for spring. Normally my hair is black or dark, dark red. Now it's a lighter auburn, and I love it! For some reason all this just makes me want to go shopping (girly point number 3)!

Lucky for me, Shaun and I have planned an all-day shop-a-thon for Good Friday. I've already been scoping what I want to buy. I've decided that this season there must be a fashion guru somewhere with me in mind, because I'm finding all sorts of floral prints online that I can actually wear with my multitude of black shirts. Let's face it, it's hard to reconcile my Hot Topic-friendly wardrobe with anything pretty or sophisticated, but I think this is the year for it!

Alright, onto another subject. This Saturday at 7 we are having a 20something/Elm Street Bible Study party at my house! I'm seriously excited, and I hope a lot of people show up. It'll be nice to get to socialize outside of church and Bible study!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Any questions from the monkeys in the back?

Most of my posts have a point, but today I feel like being completely random! I found my old Xanga and started reading posts from when I was a freshman in college. I feel like if I met freshman me, we would act like two different people. I was so carefree and goofy! (Alright, I'm still goofy sometimes lol) I'm pretty sure we could be friends though. :)

I know I'm supposed to be "grown up" and all that jazz, but there are times that I wonder if freshman-year-me is the way things should really be. I had things that I could have worried about, but I didn't. Sure, I have more things to worry about now, but if I could take a lesson from me several years ago, it's that when I trust God to take care of things, He will, and I'll have a lot more fun in the process!

It's amazing how we as adults should be taking cues from younger people. Kids take pleasure in simple things, worry about little, and trust easily. In the same way, we should take pleasure in what God gives us without wanting that which is bad for us, avoid worry because it is unnecessary, and easily place our trust in God. How hard should it be? I fear that the older and more "sophisticated" we get, the more complicated we makes things on ourselves. We pride ourselves in being mature, but really we're all mixed up and we put roadblocks between us and God.

Alright, so maybe I did have a bit of a point!

In the spirit of goofiness and being carefree, I'll leave you with a few quotes from my Xanga, most of which are from my beloved OSAS:

"Excuse me, we are the mafia."

"Any questions from the monkeys in the back?"

"Jay attacked me in true squirrel fashion."

"I got blamed for a small food fight that I didn't start and accepted an award for a person I didn't know."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paid in Full

"Carrying His own cross, He went out to what is called Skull Place, which in Hebrew is called Golgotha. There they crucified Him...He said "It is finished!" Then bowing His head, He gave up His spirit." John 19:17, 18, 30

Our King Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us on a day long ago. He was led like a lamb to slaughter, but unlike an ordinary sacrifice, He did not stay dead. Death could not overcome Him. Death could not hold him prisoner.

As Easter approaches and I ponder the magnitude of what was done for me, I am drawn to my knees in humility. I, who commits selfish acts daily, was bought and paid for by the selfless one.

When Jesus said "It is finished," He was using a common accounting term. Literally translated, it means "Paid in full." The debt is canceled. When the money was paid to fulfill a debt, this is what was written on the bill. In essence, Jesus was saying "I have fulfilled the debt my beloved one could not pay."

There is none righteous among us, and none who can pay the debt we owe for sins committed. Without a Savior who has stamped "paid in full" on my bill, I'd be screwed. I'm so thankful for the God who loves me so much that He sent His Son to be beaten, bruised, and crucified so that I may live debt-free.

To loosely quote John Newton, "I am a great sinner, and Jesus is a great Savior."