Friday, April 15, 2011

Little known facts about LL - Take One

This might turn into a recurring theme for me, so strap in and enjoy the randomness :)

Fact 1: Shaun's very cute, very tiny Maltese named Spencer happens to be my archenemy. He pees on EVERYTHING I own. Just MY stuff, not Shaun's. He peed on my favorite sweater, which I didn't notice until I was running late to work, threw on the sweater, and ran out the door. I was wondering who at work smelled like pee, then I realized "oh right, it's me." Cue Hulk-like anger, minus the greenness. He also peed on my computer bag strap. Yet again...didn't notice til I threw the darn thing over my shoulder. That five pound miscreant is lucky he hasn't been drop-kicked out my front door yet.

Fact 2: I cry easier than just about anyone else I've ever met. If you start crying around me I hope you're ready for some sympathetic tears because I'm about to turn on the waterworks. Baptisms at church? Tears. Funerals for persons I hardly know? Sniffles at the very least. Lilo and Stitch? Get the friggin' Kleenex.

Fact 3: I LOVE tattoos. Good tattoos. Not "hey look, I got this on a whim one night" tattoos, but honest to goodness permanent inked-on artwork. If you have a nifty-looking tattoo, I'll probably spend a good amount of time staring at it. Just a warning.

Fact 4: I happen to be married to the goofiest person on the planet, but you wouldn't know that if you've only been around him in public settings. I love that dude, but getting him to answer any questions directly on the first try is a challenge I have yet to overcome. I guess that was only partially about me...whoops. Oh well, it's my blog and I'll do what I want!

Fact 5: A lot of my friends with whom I identify the most live hundreds of miles away and spend over half the year on tour. For a lot of music fans, a show at the Diamond or at the Conservatory is a chance to see one of their favorite bands live, but for me it's also a chance to briefly hang out with some of the people I love. So when I tweet the next day that I'm suffering from Post Concert Stress Disorder, now you know what I mean. ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I find that God uses the most unexpected people to teach me lessons. Lately He's been teaching me the power of small actions and words like never before, mainly the power of showing your appreciation.

I've felt awfully unappreciated lately. I'll go above and beyond for someone and they act like it's nothing. That suuuuuucks. I rank it right below "just saw a dead puppy on the side of the road" on the list of "Things that make me feel awful." Have you ever seen Bedtime Stories? Like Adam Sandler, I'm feeling "under-demeciated" these days.

Sad thing is, the people who seem to forget to show appreciation are usually those who seem to have the manners to know better. I'm that person a lot of times. A lot of times you see it in business settings or even at church. On the flip side, I've seen firsthand how those you least expect gratitude from are the most likely to give it with enthusiasm.

Take for example some friends of mine in a touring band. They've got long hair and tattoos and their crazy concert to driving ratio means little time for showers. They're not exactly the type of guys you expect any kind words from AND they've had some bad luck lately that would make most people grumpy, but they are some of the most appreciative dudes you'll ever meet. We spent some time driving them around to get some errands done, and they thanked us approximately thirty billion times. No lie. As if that wasn't enough to make my entire week, before they started their encore they dedicated it to us!

Talk about awesomeness! I was living high off that moment for quite a while after that. Seriously, I've rarely felt so special. The entire rest of the weekend I've been thinking about how I can pass on that feeling, 'cause it's worth sharing. Everyone should get to feel appreciated and worthy of notice every now and then.

One of my prayers lately is that I'll learn to show my appreciation for people as earnestly as my friends. I don't think they realize what a blessing they've been to me, and I hope I can be a fraction as awesome as they are.