Thursday, October 27, 2011

My pants don't fit! And other life stories...

I realize I've been absolutely terrible with the updates lately. I'm sorry about that! Life has been absolutely insane lately. In September I had loads of Scottish things to do, including dancing at the Tulsa Scottish Festival and flying up to McPherson, KS, for the festival there (and it was my first time in a small plane! So much fun). This October has been hectic and full of things both fun and frustrating.

After a lot of hard work, mostly on Shaun's part, we finally had the Ink For Your Letter launch party at the Conservatory last Saturday. It went really well! Shaun and I manned the merch table, with help from Jay, and I got to be in charge of the drawing for the XBox 360 and other prizes. That's too much power for me, I tell you! ;) I also had a tip jar that said "Tips, please! I'm pregnant!" but all I got was a dollar bill, four pennies, and a handwritten note from Jay that said "Tip: eat more pizza." I hope you people tip better at restaurants!

My job description also changed this month...twice. If this was a baseball team I'd be listed on the roster as a utility player. I also changed office buildings. I'm now in the production building, which I hate because there are not NEARLY enough bathrooms. It never fails, every single time I feel nauseous and have to make a mad dash to a bathroom, there's someone walking in to the only available one right in front of me. Today the guy who did that turned around, looked at me as I clutched my hand over my mouth, and still went in. I don't know how I managed to hold it in til he vacated the bathroom, but I swear next time I'm puking on the offender! That'll show him.

We've had a lot of house guests of the touring band variety lately. This month we've had Ten After Two stay over on their way to Little Rock, and next month we'll have Decoder and Woe, Is Me. I love seeing all those musician guys. They're highly entertaining! Seriously, lots of laughs with them around.

Oh, and did I mention? We're officially having a boy. :) I'm constantly expanding and starting to feel a bit like a balloon. Hope no one tries to pop me! I'm starting to regret owning fitted clothes at all. None of my pants fit! I have maternity pants, but I pout about them. Pants should NOT come up over one's belly button.

I'm sure there's more updating to be done, but at the moment my brain doesn't want to work, so that's all for now! Stay tuned for more baby updates :)