Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{Thankful Tuesday - Vacation and Adoption!}

I've been lax on my blog updates again, so today's Thankful Tuesday is packed!

Today I'm thankful for...

1. A new family member! My in-laws always have several foster children, and they've had Allysha since before her second birthday (she's three now). As of last Thursday, July 12, she's officially a Ladymon! That means Shaun has a three-year-old sister and Kellen has an aunt who's just a few years older than him. She's witty and sassy...and sometimes she's pretty sweet. :) I'm kind of hoping the sassiness fades though!

2. Quality time with family. Shaun, Kellen, and I spent the entire first week of July in Creede, Colorado with Shaun's family, and it was a blast! Between the 4-wheeler expeditions, fishing, inside jokes, hysterical laughter, and storytelling, I didn't want the week to end. And of course Kellen got loads of attention!

3. Fresh mountain air. I miss it like nobody's business. Even during the warmest part of the day, Creede is pleasant. Coming back to the Oklahoma heat was not fun! There's just something about a cool mountain breeze that makes even sitting on a cabin porch invigorating, and I can't wait to go back.

4. Good eats. I LOVE the restaurants in Creede. I guess I've only eat at four of them, but I'm a big fan of each. MJ's and The Old Firehouse are our favorites for breakfast, and TOF is also a great stop for ice cream when you're shopping around downtown in the afternoon! Cascada is a Mexican restaurant with a really out-of-the-ordinary menu and a to-die-for Caesar salad, which happens to be one of my favorite meals. :) There's just something about their dressing! My favorite place to eat, though, is Kip's Grill. They have elk burgers that make my mouth water. Shaun and I ate there twice, and the second time was quite an adventure. I love sitting on their patio, but we got caught out there with Jared, Katrina, Barrett, Madison, Holley, Ethan, and Kellen during a downpour! The table umbrellas just weren't cutting it, and everyone but Kellen and me (we sat in the lucky seat I guess lol) got soaked before they moved us to a table under the awning. Oh well, it was one for the memory books!

5. 4G and wi-fi. If there's anything that can make me thankful for coming home from vacation, it's the ability to use my phone again! In Creede you're always on edge network, and even when you can get wi-fi it doesn't work that great. On vacation I received texts hours after they were sent, rarely could make phone calls, and getting online was impossible a lot of the time. It let me know how dependent I am on technology! Getting a break from it all was fun, but I'm glad to be connected to the world once more.