Saturday, August 7, 2010

Best night ever? Quite possibly!

It is entirely too late at night for me to put together a coherent sentence, but I don't care! I'm too excited to sleep. Shaun and I just got home from the Blessthefall/Underoath concert. It was amazing! Both bands are so talented, and so NICE! It's great to get to see good guys getting recognition.

I got to interview Chris Dudley from Underoath and Eric Lambert from Blessthefall, and I feel so blessed to have some time to chill with them. They're a reminder to stay upbeat. They are on tour all the time, they're away from their families, they're exhausted, and they have to deal with nosy journalists such as me :), but they are still positive and have a great sense of humor. Plus, I always love meeting a fellow hugger like Eric!

Maybe there isn't much point to this blog, other than to pass on my tidbit of knowledge about the character of these two bands. I love listening to music that has great men behind it! We need more great Christians like them around.