Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby kicks and new Bible studies

From some awesome highs to some really low lows, my past couple weeks have been kind of an emotional roller coaster. I guess I should appreciate it since it's the only roller coaster I'll be riding for a while! :)

Last week the baby, who I hadn't really felt moving around much before, decided to start a danceathon that hasn't really let up much since. I was really excited that Shaun was there, so he didn't miss it. :-) Every little kick's been enough to make me emotional. I love feeling him move around so much! Baby's been somewhat more laid back today, but I can tell you for certain that he dislikes my seriously uncomfortable desk chair at work just as much as I do. He'll kick me until I stand up, then start all over when I sit down again. I concur with his opinion, so I've been trying to get up and move around every now and then, but it's a lot more difficult in the building I'm in now since there's not really any place to go.

Speaking of the building I'm in now for work, I still don't like it. I have to park freakishly far away (I used to park 10 feet from my office's door), the bathroom situation is awkward, the kitchen is entirely too crowded at lunch and I'm not a fan of sitting in a room with  like 20 other people and no dividers of any sort. I'm too easily distracted for that. It's a pregnant lady's nightmare.

I've been kind of down in the dumps lately over a bunch of stuff, but my Bible study just started a new book by Kay Arthur called Lord, Give Me a Heart for You that is absolutely amazing. It focuses primarily on 2 Corinthians, and the first chapter alone had me in tears reading about God's purpose in affliction and the comfort only He can give. It's a great study that covers a lot of ground, and I highly recommend it. I promise you'll see yourself reflected in it, and what's more - challenged.

On to other cool, Bible-related matters, yesterday Bob Cornuke spoke at our church. He's a police investigator turned Bible investigator, I guess you could say. Taking what it says in the Bible he goes out and looks for things like Paul's shipwreck, Noah's ark, and Mount Sinai. He's definitely found where Paul's shipwreck occurred and has seen the anchors that were left in the ocean as a result, and he's also given tons and tons of evidence for where the real Mount Sinai is. It's so cool seeing proof of the Bible's accuracy.

He's also done research into the ark of the covenant, and apparently he showed some really cool stuff about it on Sunday morning, but I was in and out of the auditorium feeling really sick. :-/ I don't know why I always feel sick when a really cool guest speaker comes to church!

Well, that's all I've got for today! My brain's feeling pretty fried lately, so trying to remember what happened last week is kinda hard. :-) In parting, I leave you with two of my favorite quotes from chapter 1 of Lord, Give Me a Heart for You:

"When we go beyond our limit, then we experience the supernatural intervention of God and we know that we know it's God."

"And the more intense the suffering, the more abundant the comfort. In other words, He assures us, precious one, that we can never 'out-suffer' His comfort."